Increase productivity with quality refreshments offered in your break room

Modern vending machines delivering the best snacks

In the Houston area, businesses turn to Barrett Vending for unparalleled snack vending machine service.

Barrett Vending snack vending machines offer a superior vending experience to your Houston business. Each of our machines has built-in sensors that ensure a product is delivered or triggers a refund. Purchases can be made with cash, credit/debit card, or mobile payment for your convenience.

Each snack vending machine is tailored to your location. We customize just the right mix of chips, pastries, cookies, gum, mints, candy, and healthy snacks. It’s a reliable, hassle-free refreshment option for your Houston break area.

Variety to please every taste


We have the choices you want, including options that are baked, gluten-free, spicy, sour, etc.



Choose a delicious grab and go treat made with quality ingredients and baked to perfection.



Just like grandma used to make, but at work, we offer all the best cookie varieties.



Freshen up your day (and breath) with popular flavor intense gum and mint offerings.

Gums & Mints


Satisfy your craving for something sweet from our line of name brand candy makers.



Be good to your body with plenty of delicious alternative snacks that support healthy lifestyles.


Bring a one and done break room solution to your Houston location with Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or