Product-packed refreshment solution that benefits your Houston employees

Micro markets break open the concept of break room refreshment providing more fresh options, beverage choices, and snack selections in the same area. It changes the entire feel of your break room, transforming it into a positive benefit that will impress employees.

Micro-market benefits in Houston

Range of choices

Micro markets allow for a full range of refreshment options, from the tastiest food entrees to the most popular drink flavors.

Houston micro-market benefits

Unique experience

The designer open concept and innovative self-checkout kiosk offer benefits not available with other break room solutions.

Self-serve micro-market benefits in Houston

Custom solution

Get the break room you want by personalizing the micro market solution to your location, from decor to products.

Aids corporate culture

Endow your business with higher employee morale thanks to the onsite availability of multiple snacks and drinks.

Tasty and healthy

Try an impressive range of nutritious items that taste as good as they are for you all from the micro market.

Time saver

The onsite shopping experience of a Barrett Vending micro market creates a better work-life balance.

Culture enhancing

Enjoy employes who are happier and more appreciative of their workplace thanks to a way to shop right in the break room.

Houston self-serve micro-market benefits

Real-time inventory

Connected to the internet, one benefit of the micro market is automated inventory control that creates restocking lists.

DIY payments

The micro market kiosk ensures paying for products is an easy self-serve solution with a touchscreen and cashless acceptance.

Sponsor items

Micro-markets offer a way employers can subsidize part or all products to reduce costs or reward their staffs.

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