Professional vending options that will revolutionize your Houston breakroom

Fully customizable solutions

Satisfy all your Houston breakroom needs with our wide selection of vending options

Simplify all your breakroom services with a single provider who delivers custom solutions

Get nothing but the best for your company

With our modern technology, enhanced offerings, and innovative solutions, Barrett Vending is the right choice for your business.

  • Traditional Vending

  • Smart vending machines that take the latest cashless payments.

    • Instant sales information via wireless connection
    • Accepts mobile app and credit card payments
    • Is a zero cost breakroom solution for employer
    • Includes quick service response for less downtime

  • Subsidized Vending

  • Enhanced program that lowers product cost in the vending machine.

    • Great option to encourage healthy snacking
    • Aids convenience with grab and go items
    • Increases employee appreciation of the company
    • Enables more personalized variety of products

  • Free Vending

  • Fully subsidized products offered to employees free via vending machines.

    • Makes your location stand out from others
    • Eliminates trips off-site for breaks
    • Boosts productivity and corporate culture
    • Produces hassle-free onsite refreshment

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