Deliver a quality brand to employees

Use the Keurig Green Mountain single-cup brewer and hundreds of coffee options to impress employees and guests at your Houston workplace.

Keurig Green Mountain has transformed the way we drink coffee. The innovative technology can make the ideal hot beverage in less than 60 seconds for a fresh, convenience hot beverage. There is no cross contamination between drinks and dozens of brands have partnered to offer their well-known roasts and blends. It’s the ideal way to deliver coffee service convenience and variety to customers.

Keurig Green Mountain coffee products in Houston

Hundreds of brands

We carry nearly any type of coffee you want, including various roasts styles, blends, and brand names. All premium and all ready to brew by the cup.

Houston Keurig Green Mountain coffee products

Modern brewer

The innovative technology of the Keurig Green Mountain brewer delivers delicious hot drinks in under a minute. Enjoy your drink just the way you want it.

High grade coffee

Each K-cup®pod holds coffee graded by licensed Q-graders, professional coffee tasters. This ensures each pod is high quality and will brew an exceptional beverage.

Keurig fair trade in Houston

Connecting through coffee

Keurig Green Mountain hopes to engage its coffee supply chain to ensure 100% responsibly sourced coffee by 2020.

From improving conditions for coffee growers to enhancing farming techniques, Keurig Green Mountain is dedicated to making a difference. Already the company has reached 31% responsibly sourced coffee, which ensures the coffee is socially and environmentally sustainable. It’s cut landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions with ambitious plans to reduce even more as well as create more lines of recyclable K-cups.

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