Ideal mix of beverages from sparkling to still, classic to contemporary.

A better beverage experience

Using high-end beverage vending machines, we offer Houston businesses an unparalleled beverage service from guaranteed delivery to cashless payment acceptance.

Thirst will no longer drive employees and guests from your location. Barrett Vending offers state-of-the-art beverage vending machines filled with today’s most popular beverages.

Better selection of cold drinks


Enjoy a full line of brand name beverages that satisfy during multiple times of day.

Coke & Pepsi Products


Select your favorites from the trusted names in cold, refreshing grab and go beverages.

Dr. Pepper Products


Combine healthy selections and convenient hydration with our range of bottled waters.

Bottled Water


Add more excitement into your daily eating routine with enhanced water offerings.

Flavored Water


Refuel your bottom with essential vitamins and minerals only found in quality juices.



Ensure water and electrolytes are replenished with a variety of sports beverages.

Sports Drinks


Give yourself a boost with our extensive line of beverages focused on delivering energy.

Energy Drinks


Find iced versions of your favorite drinks without waiting in line or even leaving work.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffee


Try new flavors or make special requests for today’s leading edge delicious beverages.

New Age Beverages

Aim high with beverage vending machine service from the experts — Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or