Barrett Vending is here to help keep your employees safe

Office Health & Safety in Houston

Prioritizing health & safety one employee break room at a time

Barrett Vending is here to help you keep your employees safe. Give your Houston employees access to a variety of fresh meals, drinks and snacks on-site so they don’t have to worry about taking off site trips again!

Our advanced technology will allow your employees to tap & go with their mobile phone and avoid unnecessary contact.

At Barrett Vending we will be here for you
when you need us most

Health & Safety solutions for your Houston office

Advanced Technology

Grab, tap & go. Yup, it’s really that easy! Simply grab your favorite items from the micro-market and pay with Google Pay or Apple Wallet. No
contact required!

Houston office Health & Safety solutions

On-Site Convenience

Our custom micro-markets make it easy to grab a quick meal or snack on the go & never have to worry about leaving the office during the work day for lunch again.

Health & Safety for your Houston office

Remote Monitoring

We will monitor and manage your inventory remotely to reduce the number of trips we take to your break room.

Keep your employees safe & healthy! Contact Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or