Your partner in delivering healthy options to Houston workers

Empower employees to live a healthier lifestyle with nutritious choices

Barrett Vending brings expertly delivered healthy snacks, food, and drinks to your Houston workplace.

Count your break room among the corporate wellness program benefits with nutritious refreshments from Barrett Vending. We offer dozens of food, snack, and drink alternatives that meet a healthier lifestyle so employees can make good eating decisions while at work.

Focused on offering better-for-you choices
Can lower insurance premiums and sick days
Meets the needs of nutritious conscious users

Unique and tasty items you can feel good about

Barrett Vending offers the new and adventurous healthy snack items that fuel your body and satisfy your hunger.

Bring a unique healthy vending machine or health-focused micro-market to your Houston location. We deliver the trendy new products you crave along with the tried and true service you need. Plus, all our corporate wellness solutions are tailormade. We create a planogram based on what you want to see and encourage at your location.

Improve your company morale with health-focused refreshment solutions from Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or