Coffee solutions designed just for the Houston workplace

Houston eco-friendly office coffee service

Fully recyclable

Each Bob Cup is an aluminum shell, filled with premium coffee that can go in the recycling bin.

Office coffee eco-friendly products in Houston

Energy savings

Recycling rather than mining more aluminum reduces energy consumption by up to 95%.

Houston eco-friendly coffee service

Reduce pollutants

By recycling, you are reducing pollution and limiting the use of non-renewable resources.

Premium coffee inside

Perfectly roasted and ground, you don’t miss an ounce of flavor with the self-contained Bodecker Bob Cup. The patented brewing process delivers a perfect single cup coffee. Plus, the capsule being aluminum instead of plastic means its recyclable and eco-friendly.

Enjoy a the Bodecker Bob Cup coffee solution in your Houston workplace from Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or