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The office coffee service experts for the Houston area.

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Imagine a workplace cafe

We offer all the items you need for a coffee shop experience delivered on location.

Don’t forget the tea, which is an increasingly popular hot drink that has reported health benefits.

Eco-friendly coffee options

With our single-cup recycling program, we offer coffee in an aluminum Bob cup which can be recycled using your existing process. It allows freedom of choice while also being good for the environment.

Give your Houston employees a gourmet coffee experience from Barrett Vending

From specialty coffees to delicious teas and hot chocolate, we are bringing the coffee shop to a Houston breakroom near you!

Be an individual

Our single-cup solution allows users to make a variety of different coffee or tea from one machine.

Fast, easy brewing done by the cup
No mess, completely contained system
More variety using a single brewer
Employees love the ability to choose

Great tasting coffee ready when you need it.

Traditional coffee brewers deliver that superior coffee taste by the pot. The modern designs are ideal for the location that needs a high volume of delicious coffee.

Rival the Houston coffee shop with impressive office coffee service from Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or