What is a pantry service?

An office pantry service is a great way to offer complimentary refreshments in your Houston breakroom. Upgrade your breakroom with an office pantry to benefit your employees.

The cost of what is consumed is picked up by the business with the option to schedule invoices as well.

Office Pantry service solutions in Houston

A Gathering Place

Transform your breakroom into a collaborative environment where employees can connect with each other and
re-energize without having to leave the office.

Office Pantry service in Houston

Employee Retention

Providing a valuable employee benefit can enhance your workplace culture, and attract and retain quality
team members.

Pantry service in Houston

Upgrade Your Breakroom

An office pantry is a more advanced alternative to traditional vending and an increased benefit for employees.

Your pantry, your choice

Customize your offerings and create your menu. By tailoring options to your office’s preferences, you provide a unique employee perk making recruiting and retention a breeze.

Corporate wellness is our priority

Barrett Vending is a full service provider, experienced in the industry,
and a quick responder giving you the best quality service around.

Provide another valuable benefit to your employees by upgrading your breakroom today with Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or info@barrettvending.net.