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Enjoy reliable service from the best vending machine provider in the Houston area.

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Make employees happy with a modern break room experience

Barrett Vending offers the snacks, food, and drinks your customers and employees crave with an unparalleled level of service you can count on 24/7. Increase productivity and offer an employee benefit in the break room with modern vending machines, micro-markets, and office coffee service brewers.

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Improve the vending machine experience in your breakroom with better products and equipment

Pay with your phone

Make an easy and secure purchase with your mobile device from a vending machine or micro-market

Reports in real time

Vending machines connected to the internet report up-to the minute status and inventory data

Sustainably vending practices

Striving to be green from our generic energy efficient equipment rated vending machines to eco-friendly warehouse processes

Experts in workplace refreshment solutions

Gourmet coffee options to entice employees

Rival the coffee shop with delicious coffee and hot tea options in your break area. It’s possible without a barista, with solutions from Barrett Vending. We offer a wide coffee and tea variety as well as multiple add-ons, such as creamers, cups, sugars, and stir sticks, to make your coffee break truly something special.

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One source for every break room need

From coffee service to vending machines, Barrett Vending has the ideal mix of top selling products and reliable service perfect for your Houston business.

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