Flavia coffee products in Houston

Modern technology

The innovative brewing process of the Flavia machine ensures each latte, tea, coffee, or speciality drink tastes perfect with no crossover of flavor.

Houston flavia coffee products

Premium options

Enjoy your choice of national and sustainable brands thanks to a wide range of flat-packs available for the Flavia brewer.

Onsite convenience

Employees can enjoy the same quality beverages and variety of drink options found in the coffee shop directly in the break room.

Specialty single-cup brewer

The Flavia machine from Barrett Vending delivers the ultimate hot beverage experience with it’s patented flat-pack technology, LCD menu display, and flexible installation options.

No cross-contamination from drink to drink thanks to patented technology

Easy to use LCD menu makes it easy to brew a personalized drink each time

Wide range of drink options that all brew in less than 60 seconds

Adaptable pour-over or plumbed-in options make it a flexible office addition

A full range of national and sustainable gourmet coffees, teas, and espressos are available with the Flavia brewer.

Flavia coffee products in Houston
Enjoy coffee at your Houston workplace in a more personalized way with a Flavia office coffee brewer from Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or info@barrettvending.net.