Delicious Gavina Gourmet coffee ideal for office coffee service in the Houston area

Trustworthy sourcing

Coffee beans are sourced from Gavina’s partners in the most respected coffee growing regions.

Quality preparation

Gavina coffee beans are inspected upon arrival, cleaned, and roasted to perfection to ensure the best quality.

High standards

Good manufacturing practices and internal controls ensure the ideal roast color, moisture, grind, and more.

Gavina has been perfecting the art of coffee for decades along with building strong partnerships.

Coffee people since 1870

Great coffee doesn’t happen by accident. It requires great coffee beans that can be consistently roasted to exact specifications. Gavina is able to do this thanks to partnerships with the finest coffee growers in the world, from Central and South America, through Southeast Asia and East Africa. The company visits farmers and stays updated on harvesting and the entire production process. This gives Gavina the ability to offer a variety of coffees including espresso and dark special roasts that are of superior quality.

Take a look at the Gavina story

Ongoing sustainable practices

Gavina’s is a story of stewardship

The Gavina family once grew coffee themselves. Now as a coffee producer, Gavina still has a strong connection to farmers and how coffee is grown. The company provides technical assistance to smallholder farms in Guatemala. Farmers are taught sustainable farming techniques and how to improve production capacity. Gavina has also launched an outreach effort to improve the quality of life for farmers and provide pre-harvest loans. They are dedicated to helping ensure a continued legacy of great coffee.

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