Katy vending machinesKaty’s Source for Quality Vending Machines

Finding the best vending machines with the latest in convenience features for your Katy business is simple – just talk to Barrett Vending. We offer all types of vending machines, from traditional snack and beverage vending machines to coffee and food vending machines. Also, many provide unique features, such as credit/debit card payment and guaranteed product deliver systems to maximize customer experience. All vending machines are regularly filled with a large variety for big-brand snacks, beverages and food items, with the selection completely up to you. Our flexibility doesn’t stop there as we offer unique vending agreements such as subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions for Katy Businesses

What would we do without quality coffee in your Katy office? If you currently are looking for a quality office coffee service call Barrett Vending. We have the latest in brewing technologies from traditional brewing machines to single-cup brewers, with a wide variety of coffee types and brands. Even though our traditional machines use tried and true processes to brew coffee, they offer advanced capabilities. Whereas single cup brewers are ideal for offices with many different coffee preferences. Rather than brew a whole pot, employees can pick and choose the flavors they prefer and brew up a cup in seconds. During our regular visits, we’ll not only check your coffee service and supply, but we’ll restock other necessary break room items like stir sticks, napkins, plates, creamers, utensils, filters, etc.

Is the water quality in your Katy office not what you’d hope. Barrett Vending offers a water filtration service to remedy your situation. We offer both floor standing and counter top filters that connect directly to your water supply, so purified, refreshing water is available right from the tap – hot or cold. No need to lug around five-gallon water bottles anymore with our bottle-less solution.

Katy office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Available for Katy Facilities

A Micro-Market from Barrett Vending is a unique way to offer snacks, foods and beverages to your Katy business. With a Micro-Market, we work with you to identify a portion of your office space to transform into a self-sufficient convenience store. The store is complete with attractive coolers, racks and displays filled with hundreds of products of your choosing – no restrictions. Choose from a wide range of traditional snacks and food items to healthier options, like gluten-free chips, protein-packed dairy items and gourmet salads. Once built, the store basically runs itself. Customers walk in, hand-select the items they want, and scan and pay for them at the integrated self check-out kiosks. Because the store does not require employees, it’s open 24 hours a day. Also, inventory for your store is web based, meaning we’ll know what needs restocking before visiting your location.

Get a true professional vending service with Barrett Vending. Call 713-680-8636 or e-mail info@barrettvending.net today.