Baytown’s Vending Machine Experts

vending machines in BaytownLooking for a way to boost production in Baytown? Consider a vending machine program from Barrett Vending. Our vending machines offer every type of product, from snack and Coke/Pepsi vending machines to coffee and food vending machines. And they offer some of the most in-demand technologies in the industry today, such as card readers to allow for credit/debit card payment. Also, we can remotely monitor your vending machines to see what’s available, and what’s out, and restock accordingly.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Baytown

Looking for an office coffee service to add to your Baytown operation? Barrett Vending provides everything you need, from high quality brewing machines to the stir sticks, napkins, plates, creamers and filters you need for your break room. Our range of coffee brewing machines includes traditional by-the-pot brewers, such as the 3-burners, to single-cup brewers. Also, we have the coffee brands, flavors and types to match any drinker’s preferences…and we have a wide variety of teas too.

If your water includes impurities that are adversely affecting the taste, Barrett Vending has table-top and floor standing water filtration systems to fix it. There’s no need to lug around awkward five-gallon water jugs. Our filters connect directly to your water supply, providing better tasting hot or cold water right from the tap.

office coffee service in BaytownBaytown’s Micro-Market Leader

A Micro-Market would be a great addition to any Baytown business, and Barrett Vending has the experience, equipment and know-how to offer the best service. We come into your facility and determine what mix of coolers, racks and displays will best fit your available space and preferred items, and then we install and stock the store. Featuring integrated self-checkout kiosks, customers handle the transactions themselves. That means the store can be available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Inventory management is simple with the remote monitoring ability. We can see what you need before revisiting your property, and our data helps us determine which products should be part of your regular lineup, and which should be cycled out.

Barrett Vending offers the vending services and expertise to best serve Baytown. Learn more at 713-680-8636 or