Essential hydration for
your Houston break room

Staying hydrated is essential for optimal health and performance

At Barrett Vending, we are committed to providing high-level customer experiences and healthy solutions for your break room!

Ultimate Hydration

Provide your Houston employees filtered, pure drinking water that will keep your workplace hydrated, healthy, and efficient. Stay hydrated today with Barrett Vending!

On-Site Service

Give your Houston employees access to clean drinking water without having to leave the office. This convenience will be a helpful benefit to stay productive and hydrated throughout the work day.

Exceptional Variety

Water stations and innovative technology accompanied by state-of-the-art vending options. Your Houston employees will have a variety of hydrating beverage choices to keep them refreshed!

Maximum hydration for
your employees

Keep your employees feeling great by offering a variety of water solutions and electrolyte enhanced beverages in your custom micro-market.

Your Houston break rooms will give employees access to unlimited hot and cold filtered drinking water throughout their busy workday.

Start hydrating your employees the best way with Barrett Vending at (713) 680-8636 or